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About Us

Klassic Mobile Gardens, brings the garden to you. We service residential, commercial businesses along, with side lot beautification. The mobile garden delivers, and installs vegetable and rain gardens, as well as all season landscaping and garden upkeep.  This service will replenish what has been diminished in this new era of on the go living. Our business is community centered; it is our company’s duty to expand this new and innovative way of eating.  A convenience is created by localizing fruits right out of one’s very own back yard brought to your door steps. Unlike other gardening services “We bring the Garden to you”, as a customer benefit we even offer customer buy back. We will not only be making a great stride toward correcting some of the issues with the current food policy. We will be providing a chance at a better quality of life. After all, “Health really does Equal Wealth”.

We have the magic method of 100% natural gardening and chemical free upkeep. Our method includes a no till garden process which includes the use of biodegradable products and again pesticide and chemical free. We specialize in installment of winter crop, which includes Kale, Broccoli, Carrots, Spinach, Garlic, and many more. Summer crops incudes zucchini, tomato’s, long yard beans, collard greens, cucumbers, swiss chard, romaine lettuce, and the list goes on.

The garden is completely organic, no pesticides and lots of LOVE. The water source will be captured in rain barrels and stored at the sites. The impact of Klassic Mobile Gardens will be lifestyle changing and overall elevating for the community. Wouldn’t you like to know your foods JOURNEY?

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