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Tel: 248.778.8088

Deborah, who has been gardening for a total of 33 years and counting. She has the magic method of 100% natural gardening and chemical free upkeep. Her method includes a no till garden process which includes the use of biodegradable products and again pesticide and chemical free. She specializes in installment of winter crop, which includes Kale, Broccoli, Carrots, Spinach, Garlic, and many more. Summer crops incudes zucchini, tomato’s, long yard beans, collard greens, cucumbers, swiss chard, romaine lettuce, and the list goes on. Deborah is also an avid marathon runner, one of her favorites is the Detroit Free Press Marathon, which she trains consuming the vegetables from her garden. She is a pillar of her local community with aspirations of seeing healthy eating and living become a top priority for the local community and those who wish to partake.


Tel: 313.523.7046

Ashley, serial entrepreneur and founder of Klassic Mobile Gardens, is a proud mother of one and native of the city of Detroit. With a passion for healthy choice eating and gardening, Ashley founded KMG in 2015 with a strong desire to bring innovative agricultural settings to a backyard near you. She is well grounded in her craft and works very well under pressure and situations that cause her to problem solve or organize. She is a mother of one and driven to be the example of hard work and good work ethic. She always had the drive for independence and opportunity to create change in my environment and eventually around the world.

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